How to Make a Great Impact on Buyers When Selling Your Home

8 June 2015
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

As the seller of a property, it is important that you make a positive impact on people who are viewing the house. As well as having your home clean, fresh and decluttered, there are a few more things that you can do to make a positive and a lingering impression on a viewer. In cases where the buyer has to choose which property to make an offer on, having your home stand out in their minds is crucial for you. Here are some good tips for making a great impact on viewers.

Lay the Table

Coming into a property that has a table laid in the kitchen will make the viewer feel more at home. It is a welcoming sight to see, and will make the viewer more relaxed and attracted to the property. Even if they are coming to view the property at a time when meals are not being eaten, lay a light table, with some place mats and glasses. This inviting sight creates an affinity with the viewer, and this may be important when the time comes to decide which property to bid for.

Let Them Imagine

Sometimes, people can forget that the viewer needs a bit of time to think about what they are seeing. It can be easy to chat and talk about the property from your point of view, while the viewer is thinking about the property from their point of view. Allow the viewer the space to think and imagine, or discuss things if they are a couple.

Once you have shown them around the property, ask them if they would like to re-view anything on their own, or offer to leave their company for a few minutes. Allow them some time to look and think. The more they can, they better your property will stick in their minds at the right time.

Remove Pets

One of the biggest factors that influence a home buyer is the presence or the smell of a pet, particularly a dog. While having the pet looked after by a neighbor may be easy enough, you will still have to deal with the odor. This can sometimes be difficult, as you live in the property with the pet, so are very much accustomed to the smell.

Don't take any risks, and clean down the carpet and upholstery with a pet odor remover, and be sure to vacuum thoroughly to remove all pet hairs. Many people suffer an allergy to pet hair, and will not consider a property that's has a pet odor.

These tips will impact the viewer in a positive way, and put your property in a positive light for them. For more tips, contact resources like PRDnationwide.