4 Advantages of Hiring a Buyers' Agent

11 June 2015
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Buying a house or unit can be a daunting prospect. With thousands of properties on the market, in diverse areas, at different prices—you might not know where to start.

A buyers' agent can help you through the maze. Buyers agents are experts in the property market; they can search for properties, negotiate sales, and deal with auctions and contracts. Here's a look at just four advantages of hiring a buyers agent.


The most significant advantage of a buyers' agent is their independence. Estate agents might offer advice, but they often hold vested interests as they also work on behalf of sellers. However, buyers' agents usually have their client's sole interests in mind.

You should check before hiring whether they are truly independent and whether they accept commissions from sellers or developers.


A buyers' agent will know the market thoroughly and be aware of any trends and hotspots. Their knowledge should go well beyond what you can learn yourself by researching the market on a part-time basis on weekends.

They should either be able to advise you on the features and benefits of particular areas or else expertly research areas that are unfamiliar.

Importantly, they should have good judgment regarding the real worth of specific properties, so you don't get caught out paying more than a property is worth. A buyers' agent should know which areas are safe investments, and what type of properties have good resale value. 


Buying a property can evoke strong emotions within you whether you are buying a home to live in or making an investment. However passion and good decisions do not always go together.

A buyers' agent has the necessary detachment from the houses and properties they are researching and so can analyse the pros and cons from a more objective viewpoint than you can yourself.


A good buyers agent is smart about the process of buying and selling in the real estate market. They have experience in bidding tactics at auctions, know when and how much to bid, and have a good understanding of the dynamics taking place before, during and after auctions. They also appreciate the complexities of making an offer in a private sale.

The cost of hiring a buyers agent is well worth it. You can be calm knowing you have an expert in your corner who is out to get the best deal for you, and it could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Learn more by contacting resources like WBP Property Group.