Considerations When Looking For Student Accommodation

16 December 2015
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Going off to university comes with a newly found sense of freedom. However, with this freedom comes an entire set of new responsibilities. One of the burdens that you would have to bear would be making an appropriate choice of accommodation. For most first years, it seems the only appropriate choice would be to stay on campus. Nevertheless, as time goes on, students get to realize that off campus accommodations would be better suited to them, as these tend to have fewer restrictions. Whether you choose to move in with friends or on your own, there are a number of considerations that you should keep in mind.

Commuter time

This simply means the amount of time you will spend travelling to and from your campus. Nobody wants to spend hours on end on the road to go to class. This is why on-campus accommodation is so appealing.  Additionally, most campuses tend to be in close proximity to a range of other things such as the cinema, bars and any other social establishments that appeal to the youth. Thus, you should look for somewhere that is in close proximity to it, as this means less perambulating.

Tenant facilities

When it comes to looking for student accommodation, you would be wise to find a building that already contains most facilities that you wold need for your everyday life. Some of the facilities that you could look out for include a gym, laundry service, internet service and more. These types of accommodation may appear to be more expensive. However, if you compare with the amount of money you would be spending on a gym membership, laundrette visits and transport to these places, you end up saving in the long run. You would also get to save money on having an internet service provider coming in to set up your internet connection for you if it is already installed.

Student friendly amenities

Locations that have a major campus tend to also offer the student population discounts when using their service. For instance, you may find restaurants that have special prices for students, cafes with student rates and so on. Typically, these establishments will be located close to campus rather than out in the suburbs. As such, you would be better off finding out if the local eateries offer these discounts and then proceed to search for accommodation that is in close proximity to them. This will enable you to save a lot of money on food and other items. 

For help finding the right accommodation for your college years, work with a local real estate agent.