3 Kinds of Moving Price Quotes You Should Know About

6 January 2016
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When planning to relocate to another city or town with the help of a removalist, it is important to first learn about the complexities of the moving industry, especially getting moving estimates. Yet, many times, potential movers hardly ask for an estimate, which constitutes a serious and costly mistake. To avoid paying over the odds on the actual moving day, you can have the removalist come to your home, evaluate your possessions and settle on a price in writing. Here are the three types of moving price quotes that you are likely to obtain from removalists.

Non-binding price quote

As the name implies, this price quote isn't binding, which means it is uncertain and only a rough estimate of what the relocation process might cost you. Therefore, on the actual moving day, what the removalist predicted might be lower or higher than this sum. When working with a rough estimate, you should take into account additional costs or expenses to avoid surprises come the moving day.

Binding price quote

Unlike the non-binding estimate, which is ambiguous, obtaining a binding estimate offers you a more exact figure of what you can expect to pay for your move. With this price quote, the cost of your relocation will not go past the quoted price, even if on the actual moving day, the removalist finds out the real weight of your possessions is higher than what they estimated. On the other hand, if the weight of your belongings is lower than the estimate, it doesn't change the fact that you still have to honour the initial contracted price. Generally, a binding estimate affords you a rather accurate figure of what your relocation will cost, allowing you to easily plan your relocation and budgeting.

Binding not-to-exceed price quote

Regarded as the ideal price quote to obtain, a binding not-to-exceed price quote is popular with consumers. With this estimate, even if your final weight exceeds the original written price quote, you still part with the amount of the quote. However, if your final weight is below the estimate, you are expected to pay a lower amount that the estimate, based on your actual weight multiplied by the set amount per pound. Therefore, the only way for a binding-not-to-exceed price quote to go is downwards, much to your delight.

Irrespective of whichever price quote you obtain, be sure to inform the removalist of every single asset that you wish to be moved, leaving no surprises that can skyrocket your overall outlay on moving day.