Why Hire a Professional Company for Commercial Property Maintenance?

2 March 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you own a commercial property of any sort, it's always recommended that you hire a professional company for its overall maintenance and management. You may assume you can save money by taking care of the maintenance of the property yourself, but this can be a mistake for a number of reasons. Consider why it's good to hire a professional company for commercial property maintenance, no matter the type of business or size of the property. 

1. Local laws

Very often there are local laws that affect the maintenance and management of a building, and these can sometimes be detailed and difficult to keep up with on your own. These laws might dictate how soon after a snowstorm you need to start clearing the parking lot, the color of reflective paint you need to use on your parking lot fire lanes, and so on. A professional maintenance or management company will keep current with these seemingly minor laws and ensure your building and property are always compliant.

2. Liability

Along with keeping current when it comes to local laws, you want to protect yourself from liability. A commercial property management company may know how to do this in ways you may overlook; for example, you may not think of how often you should repaint a metal railing outside your building, but if the paint is chipped or rusted, this could cause injury to someone using the railing. A building owner may overlook small details like this, whereas a professional property maintenance service will usually have a checklist of items to inspect and maintain regularly. Investing in their services can be cheaper in the long run, if it means protecting you from liability claims.

3. Workforce

Trying to keep maintenance personnel on staff can be a challenge, as workers may easily go to another company that can offer them more money, better hours, and the like. However, a professional maintenance company will usually have access to personnel. They may work with an agency who can supply them with workers at the last moment, or they may be able to bring workers in from another property to temporarily cover the work to be done on your property while new, full-time workers are interviewed. This ensures that your property is always maintained as it should be and eliminates the time and effort you would need to invest just to keep maintenance personnel on staff.