Sound Security | 3 Clever Strategies To Install Better Security In Your Rental

1 July 2016
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If you rent a home, then you'll need to get your landlord's or property manager's approval for pretty much everything, including getting locksmiths to install a new security system or even basic locks. Follow these clever strategies to install better security in your rental. 

Ask Your Landlord To Install Deadbolts On Your Front Door And Backdoor Before Moving In

The front door is the most likely access point for burglars, so you'll want to ensure that it is properly secured with deadbolt locks. But do not forget to check the backdoor! This also serves as a potential entry point for criminals. If the door doesn't have one already, be sure to ask your landlord to install them before you move in. A deadbolt can only be opened using a key instead of the spring action and is one of the most secure locks available today. Most landlords will oblige this request since it means added security for the home's interiors. You could even offer to pay for half the labour cost of locksmiths to ensure that you get a deadbolt installed in your rental for added safety. 

Get Written Permission To Install A Wireless Security Alarm

You obviously don't want to lose your security deposit by installing devices beyond the rental agreement, but security is a vital aspect of a safe home. Ask your landlord or property manager for written permission to install a wireless security alarm that sounds off when an intruder is around your home. The important thing to remember here is to get permission in writing because your landlord can easily back out of a verbal agreement and you will end up losing your security deposit with no proof to back your claim. To get a wireless security alarm installed, you will need to hire qualified locksmiths that specialise in alarm systems.

Ensure That The Windows Are Locked

Apart from front doors and backdoors, windows are popular entry points for burglars because they are often the weakest link in the security chain. Make sure your windows lock completely when you shut them using latches and key-locks. You can also install halfway locks that enable you to leave the locked window half open when you're in the middle of some chores. This halfway lock prevents the window from being pried open completely, so a burglar will not be able to fit through it and get into your home.

Keep these factors in mind when attempting to get better security in your rental. Make sure you're happy with the types of security systems being installed by the locksmiths in your home or you may have to re-negotiate with your landlord once again.