First-time Property Owners: 3 Things You Can Learn from a Pre-purchase Strata Inspection Report

25 July 2016
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Buying real estate units comes with a variety of excellent amenities. These amenities include pools, saunas, and spas, playing courts, steams and function rooms. This is the beauty of communal investing, which make it easy to pool resources and set up certain amenities that would be expensive when you do them alone. However, such communal investing comes with many obligations and it is important that you understand the provisions before you get into a purchase agreement. Read More 

Sound Security | 3 Clever Strategies To Install Better Security In Your Rental

1 July 2016
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If you rent a home, then you'll need to get your landlord's or property manager's approval for pretty much everything, including getting locksmiths to install a new security system or even basic locks. Follow these clever strategies to install better security in your rental.  Ask Your Landlord To Install Deadbolts On Your Front Door And Backdoor Before Moving In The front door is the most likely access point for burglars, so you'll want to ensure that it is properly secured with deadbolt locks. Read More 

Could Your Dirty Carpets Be Making You Ill?

28 March 2016
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There is a real focus on health and well-being in society today. People are beginning to migrate from junk food and consumerism back to more healthy ways of living. Life has become so complicated that often the more traditional and simple things are the most attractive. With the majority of individuals being more aware than ever of the dangers of chemicals and the overuse of cleaning products in the home, it's no wonder that there is a real lack of awareness of how to keep your carpets clean and, most importantly, healthy. Read More 

Home Purchase: Inspection of the Residential Building

12 February 2016
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The cumulative price of purchasing a residential structure is high, but the investment is worthwhile if you select the right building. Therefore, it is important to engage real estate professionals to provide expert assistance during the process. You can choose a buyer's agent to act on your behalf during the property search and the actual buying process. This will limit the amount of time that you will spend viewing and comparing different homes. Read More 

3 Kinds of Moving Price Quotes You Should Know About

6 January 2016
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When planning to relocate to another city or town with the help of a removalist, it is important to first learn about the complexities of the moving industry, especially getting moving estimates. Yet, many times, potential movers hardly ask for an estimate, which constitutes a serious and costly mistake. To avoid paying over the odds on the actual moving day, you can have the removalist come to your home, evaluate your possessions and settle on a price in writing. Read More