Considerations When Looking For Student Accommodation

16 December 2015
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Going off to university comes with a newly found sense of freedom. However, with this freedom comes an entire set of new responsibilities. One of the burdens that you would have to bear would be making an appropriate choice of accommodation. For most first years, it seems the only appropriate choice would be to stay on campus. Nevertheless, as time goes on, students get to realize that off campus accommodations would be better suited to them, as these tend to have fewer restrictions. Read More 

Useful tips on how to build your ideal home

4 December 2015
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Building a home can be an extremely rewarding experience. You can tailor the layout and design to your specific needs and desires. However, it is often an overwhelming and stressful process, as there are many different factors and options to consider. You don't want to end up with a house that you are not happy with. Here are some tips that will help to navigate you through the process of building a new home. Read More 

What to Expect when Renting Furnished Apartments

6 July 2015
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When you are just starting out in life you may not have a lot, but you will need to have a place to live, and furniture for your place. But, it does take time to get enough money for an apartment and furniture, and you may not have enough for both, yet you still want to get out there on your own. Luckily, there are many landlords out there who rent out furnished apartments. Read More 

Reasons It Makes Sense to Lease an Executive Office Space

1 July 2015
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Leasing an executive office space is often a bit different than leasing an office suite. Usually an executive space is just one office and which might include access to a shared conference room, lobby and kitchen. They may also be just two or three small offices attached, so that there is room for clerical help or someone else on staff. If you haven't thought about leasing an executive space and work from your home or already rent an office suite, or if you're thinking of going into business for yourself, note why it makes sense to choose an executive office over any other arrangement. Read More 

Real Estate | 3 Insider Tips For Renting Your First Ever Apartment

26 June 2015
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Perhaps you've always enjoyed the perk of living with your folks, but now it's time to get your own apartment. Renting out your first apartment can be daunting − you need to keep the house clean, pay bills and run errands you never knew existed because mom or dad always took care of it. Apart from house maintenance, you'll need to deal with landlords and rental contracts. Here are some insider tips to help you while renting out your first apartment. Read More